by B.J. McHugh

Loveworn is….upcycled clothing from recycled t shirts: hip do-overs. Most everyone has a dresser drawer full of t shirts they no longer wear but can’t part with for sentimental reasons. School, travel, concerts, marathons, all examples of terrific t’s that we can turn into a one-of-a kind piece of  custom wearable art.

I also refer to myself as a “hunter/gatherer”, happily searching thrift stores and resale shops for t shirt treasures, typically non-profits, so the money goes to a good cause. The shirts are then laundered and using my original patterns, are cut and sewn into individual works of wearable art.

Since it’s beginning, in 2010, Loveworn has recycled over 25,000 t- shirts!! Saving the planet, one t shirt at a time.